2017 Start-up Slams took place on 29th June at the Innovation Area of MedFIT.

2 prizes were awarded:

  • MedFIT Most Innovative MedTech Start-up – Jury Prize : Japet Medical Devices
  • MedFIT Most Innovative MedTech Start-up – Audience Prize : Grapheal

Discover the start-ups that pitched their project during MedFIT

Damae Medical is developing an innovative medical imaging device for early-stage skin cancer detection called Line-field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography (LC-OCT). It is capable of visualizing biological tissues in vivo at a cellular level. The optical imaging offers market leading penetration depth, while being non-invasive for the patient.

Ascil Biopharm proprietary Combo-Connector is a new small and handy device allowing the sequential administration of two products (or more) in one single shot, even if they are incompatible. It is a universal solution, connectable to any injectable reservoir device and keeps the products separated till the administration.

Fizimed develops EMY, a connected medical device connected to smartphone application with funny exercises to involve the patient in its perineum rehabilitation. The rehabilitation consists in contracting its perineum with a determined frequency.

Based on extensive experimental experience with Clamp Valve Ring technology for sutureless surgical valve prostheses, this one-step one-device technology was combined with a valved-stent, that anchors it self-solidly only to the mitral valve annulus. The technology provides a repositionable low-profile stent.

Defymed develops an innovative implantable medical device called MAILPAN. This bioartifical pancreas is an encapsulation device for insulin-secreting cells, based on semi-permeable membranes, impermeable to the immune system, but permeable to glucose, insulin, oxygen and nutrients.

Japet Medical Devices develops Atlas, the first exoskeleton to relieve back pain patients while allowing them to retrain their bodies. It is composed of micrometers controlled to adapt to the movement of the patient to retrain his muscle during physical exercises to decompress the weight of the spine and relieve the pain.

Grapheal develops a device is based on the integration of the integration of a new material, graphene in a dressing directly applicable to the wounds that is creating a scaffold accelerating the speed of wound healing. Besides this biochemical action, the conductivity enables the direct electrical stimulation of the wound and bio sensing for diagnostics.

Sencet develops a new technology for single cell analysis which could be used as a laboratory equipment or for the rapid assessment of circulating tumor cells as metastatic cancer cells can be easily and quickly isolated and measured. This technology relies on the use of micromechanical tweezers to catch single cells and perform mechanical and electrical characterization.