The Start-up Slams showcase the most innovative medtech and diagnostics startups. During these presentations, the selected entrepreneurs will present their project to potential partners and investors who could support their company and receive feedback and advice from our jury of experts.

They pitched at MedFIT 2018:

Ablacare (Grand Jury Prize)

AblaCare is developing a device for the treatment of PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) related infertility, based on an effective and demonstrated surgical predicate and an access and delivery path routinely used by fertility physicians.
#Minimally Invasive #Medical Device #PCOS Infertility treatment

Heart Kinetics

HeartKinetics develops the Kino-cardiograph (Kino), a non-invasive tele-monitoring wearable solution born from space research, which aims at revolutionizing the existing model of heart failure (HF) disease management.
#Heart Failure (HF) #Non-invasive monitoring #Connected devices

Lattice Medical

LATTICE MEDICAL develops MATTISSE, a breast implant for a personalized and natural reconstruction with a single surgery. MATTISSE is an 3D printed implant fully bioabsorbable using autologous adipose tissues to reconstruct breast.
#Breast reconstruction #3D printing #Tissue engineering


Colovac is an innovative digestive anastomosis protection device, designed to reduce complications and obviate the need for ostomies for colorectal -cancer patients. Colovac is a fully reversible implant, placed until the anastomosis is healed (for about 2 weeks).
#Digestive-surgery #Anastomosis-Protection #Colorectal-Cancer


BMDX has a novel key enabling technology for ultra-fast, simple and cost-optimized in vitro diagnostics. Our products enable MedTech and diagnostics companies to offer laboratory-grade near-patient diagnostics for decision-critical biomarkers at the point of care.
#Point-of-care Testing #Companion Diagnostics #One-fits-all solution

Miravas (Audience Prize)

The Hybrid Vbox from the French start-up Miravas is a medical device unique in the world combining two endothermal techniques (steam and segmental radiofrequency) to treat outpatient venous disease as an alternative to surgery.
#Endovenous #Steam #Radiofrequency

Infinite Vision Optics

With its adjustable intraocular lens Precisight® the company aims at providing the best possible vision to patients after cataract surgery.
#Intraocular Lenses #Perfect vision #Cataract

Verapido (Special Jury Prize)

DERMAJECT® intradermal injection device for highly standardized skin injections (intracutaneous, Mantoux) of all intradermal drugs and fluids is Verapido Medical’s first CE marked and marketed product for targeted drug delivery to the skin, immune and lymphatic systems for e.g. therapeutic cancer, influenza or other vaccines, immunotherapies, allergy tests and insulin.
#Dermaject #Intradermal #Vaccine


Clinically-centred cytomolecular routine in vitro diagnostic and companion tests of thrombotic disorders, exploiting cell-based coagulation paradigm by using new generation of microflow cytometers enabling user-friendly individual testing of thousands of patients cells in few seconds.
#Cytomolecular #Thrombosis #International

Hypno VR

HYPNO VR leverages virtual reality to make the benefits of medical hypnosis available to the largest audience possible: patients, health professionals and health institutions
#Virtual Reality #Hypnoanalgesia #Pain management

Mitre Medical

Mitre Medical has developed the Mitral Touch® device to provide cardiac surgeons an “Off-Pump” beating heart version of mitral annuloplasty, offering a less invasive and safer approach to treat mitral valve regurgitation (MR).
#Structural Heart #MR Repair #Beating Heart


3D Printing of insoles for podiatrists.
#3D Printing #Podiatry #Insoles

Deoxy Technologies

DEOXY Technologies develops a platform for massively parallel single-cell transcriptomics. The technology enables genetic diagnostics on the single-cell level, with applications in the assessment of tumor heterogeneity and immunology.
#Single-cell transcriptomics #Genetic diagnostics #DNA nanotechnology

Lys Medical

Lys Medical develops a unique decision-aid device for airways specialists dedicated to provide sizes and dimensions where approximations are the current gold standard.
#Endoscopy #Size Measurement #Airway

Defymed (Audience Prize)

ExOlin® is an innovative device that allows physiological delivery of drugs using a simple sub-cutaneous injection through current injection device (syringe, pen, pump…). Proof-of-concept is made on diabetes management for insulin delivery.
#Physiological #Drug delivery #Diabetes


Cohesives develops surgical adhesive solutions for surgery with an adhesion 10 times stronger than existing surgical adhesives currently used.
#Surgery #Suture #Adhesive

Mikro Biyosistemler

Mikro Biyosistemler develops tagCTC, a stand-alone lab-on-a-chip platform for circulating tumor cell (CTC) isolation and enumeration for early cancer diagnosis and prognosis, with competitive edge on performance, cost, and time-to-result.
#Circulating tumor cells #Liquid Biopsy #Microfluidics