Real-World Data for high-risk medical devices,
a must-have for your PMCF success
September 20th – Grenoble
from 2.00 to 2.30 pm
Room: Strasbourg

The medical device industry is undergoing a major transformation with the entry into force of the new European Medical Device Regulation. One of its aspects is the substantial increase of the requirements in terms of post-market surveillance, particularly for high risk medical devices.
In this context, this conference will present the main challenges to be faced in order to successfully gather relevant clinical evidence for Post Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF). Among the different options available to address these issues, Real-World Data become an inevitable source of evidence, when properly exploited.

Speaker: Lucas DAVY – Quinten MD | CEO

With both an educational background in life sciences and mathematics/statistics, Lucas joined Quinten 10 years ago as datascientist consultant. He started to manage the whole operational team in 2016, then took the head of the structure dedicated to medical device, QuintenMD, at its creation in 2021. Overall, he has been working on hundreds of projects involving data and Artificial Intelligence, especially in healthcare.

  • Registration to this conference is free but mandatory, it gives you a free access for the afternoon of the 20th of September to MedFIT.