Company Position Country
MedecinDirect President France

Since March 2010 co-founder and President of Medecindirect SAS @MEDECINDIRECT
Since January 2004 Co-founder and CEO of ADBPHARMA, Toulouse
ADBPHARMA is a consulting company in pharmaceutical development, regulatory affairs and management of quality for pharmaceutical products, especially biotech products
Co-Founder and General Manager of Enzynomics, Toulouse :R&D of new biocatalysts issued from biodiversity
1997-2002 BIOVECTOR THERAPEUTICS, Labège, France
Director of R&D Operations. A drug delivery company that develops and manufactures proprietary drug delivery systems to improve the acceptance, delivery and efficacy of modern vaccines and biotech products (proteins, peptides, DNA…).
Fields of activities included therapeutic HIV and cancer vaccines, prophylactic vaccines for flu, Pneumococcus, Meningitidis, RSV and drug delivery of biopharmaceuticals drug such as cyclosporin, tertinoin, amphotericin B…
1989-1997 Bristol Myers Squibb/UPSA, Rueil, France: Director of Pharmaceutical Development.
Management of Preformulation, Formulation, Analytics and Clinical Packaging for R&D projects in the field of Analgesia world-wide
MERCK & Co., West-Point, USA
Research Fellow for one year, in the Drug Delivery Systems

Specialties: Pharmaceutical development, biopharmaceuticals, biotech products, business development