Company Position Country
ARTERIUS Limited CEO United Kingdom

Chief Executive Officer  at ARTERIUS Limited

  • MSc & PhD in Polymer Chemistry from Liverpool University and Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Liverpool University UK – 15 years a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Clinical Engineering Department
  • Innovative Technologies Plc (now Advanced Medical Solutions plc)- 2 years to manage the development of medical devices and multiple projects in biomaterials
  • Co-founder and Technical Director of PolyBioMed Limited – 13 years, PolyBioMed was acquired by Lombard Medical Technologies plc in 2001, and became the Managing Director of PolyBioMed Limited (the company was then acquired by Bayer in 2009)
  • Co-founder of Arterius Limited- CEO, 2009 – present
  • Integrated to the development of the business since its foundation, including strategic development, fundraising, commercialisation, technical development and the establishment of its intellectual property portfolio
  • EPSRC Peer Review College and a member of the Medical Devices Technology Journal Advisory Board committee
  • Main interests are biomaterials, surface modifications and coating of materials commonly used in medical devices, drug delivery systems, hydrogels for medical applications, cardiovascular devices, woundcare products, urology and tissue engineering devices.
  • Over 35 years of experience in these fields and have published over 40 scientific papers in international journals
  • Inventor/co-inventor of 25 granted patents/patent applications in different fields of medical devices
  • Chaired scientific events at national and international medical device conferences and have given many presentations as an invited speaker
  • Awarded over £10 million grants from the UK; EPSRC, DTI, the TSB, Yorkshire Forward, and from EU for the research and development of healthcare projects