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McKinsey & Company // Global Health Tech Network Partner // Host Germany
Creating synergy between start-ups and hospitals: Latest challenges and opportunities in delivering innovative ideas and practices

Tobias Silberzahn is a trained biochemist and immunologist and works as a Partner in McKinsey’s Berlin office where he is a member of the Healthcare and Innovation Practice. The focus areas of his work are healthcare innovation, health tech business-building and digital transformation.

Tobias leads the global Health Tech Network, a community of >1300 health tech companies, where he hosts the quarterly Health Tech CEO Roundtable. As part of his work, Tobias also hosts the MedTech R&D Industry Roundtable and publishes the “eHealth Monitor Germany”, an annual book about the digitization of the German health system.
Within McKinsey, Tobias leads the Health & Wellbeing program for employees, focused on sleep, nutrition, stress management and fitness, that was recently awarded the Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Award in Gold.