The Award for the most Innovative Project goes to:

Hy2Care, a Dutch start-up represented by Leo Smit, CEO, is the winner of this year’s edition of the Pitch Sessions, from the Surgery Related Tools category.

“We greatly enjoyed participating in the MedFIT Digital 2021 edition. The crowd of healthcare professionals that the event provided formed a good basis for some interesting discussions on potential future co-developments.”
Leo Smit, CEO, Hy2Care

Hy2Care develops its new Injectable Hydrogel for cartilage repair. This unique gel has proven to enable in situ regeneration of high-quality cartilage tissue in pre-clinical studies. Currently the first human clinicals are being prepared.  Today, many people that undergo a cartilage repair surgery will suffer a return from pain and disabilities after several years. It is the aim of Hy2Care to provide for a long-term repair of cartilage defects and thus prevent the onset of post-traumatic osteo arthritis. The unique composition of Hy2Care’s hydrogel creates a natural scaffold for the patient’s own cells to reside in and deposit new cartilage matrix, enabling the body to heal itself.

Discover below the start-up projects & technologies that were presented during MedFIT Digital 2021:

Tuesday, December 7th | 2.30 – 4.00 pm CET


Infervision 2.30 pm CET
Robust | User-friendly | Secure

Juisci 2.40 pm CET
Scientific Knowledge | Continuing medical education | Machine Learning

NOVIGA 2.50 pm CET
Sleep apnea diagnosis | Digital health | Artificial intelligence


Boarding Ring 3.00 pm CET
Motion Sickness | Medical Device | Balance

Worldish 3.10 pm CET
Digital medical interpreter | Communication assistant | Equal healthcare

DiappyMed 3.20 pm CET
Diabetes | Artificial Intelligence | Mobile app

Wednesday, December 8th | 10.30 – 11.30 am CET


VesselSens 10.30 am CET
Digital Monitoring via medical sensors | Outpatient health care and Point-of-care diagnostic | Patient empowerment

Tada Medical 10.40 am CET
Patented technology | Breakaway connector | Catheter dislodgement

Vas MedTech 10.50 am CET
Mobile | Hysteroscopy | Point-of-care

Yes-Tech. 11.00 am CET
Medical Device | Precision Medicine | Cancer Diagnosis

Corporis Medical 11.10 am CET
Wound-healing potential | Tissue Perfusion | Minimally Invasive Surgery

Wednesday, December 8th | 1.30 – 2.30 pm CET


Hy2Care 1.30 pm CET
Cartilage-repair | Hydrogel | Arthroscopy

University of Cape Town 1.40 pm CET
Intravenous anaesthetic | Infusion pump | Customised PK models

VIEWaves 1.50 pm CET
Human cancer therapy | Enhanced tumor surgery | Near infrared (ou NIR) fluorescence-guided surgery

manikinMate 2.00 pm CET
Medical simulators | Training and demonstration | Surgery and rheumatology

Lattice Medical 2.10 pm CET
Breast Cancer | Breast Implant | 3D printing

Thursday, December 9th | 10.30 am – 12.00 pm CET


Implandata Ophthalmic Products 10.30 am CET
Remote patient management| Eye care | Glaucoma

Samdoc Medical Technologies 10.40 am CET
Human | Reliability | Determination


GaDia 10.50 am CET
Rapid diagnostic tests | Sepsis | Healthcare-acquired infections

Loop Diagnostics 11.00 am CET
IVD medical device | Infectious diseases | Point-of-care

Diagante 11.10 am CET
Infection | In vitro diagnostic medical device | Solid samples

EpiQMax 11.20 am CET
Epigenetics | Personalised Health | Digital Health

Jury members

  • David Aubert, MEDTEG Business Developer, Ghent University
  • Sascha Berger, Partner, TVM Capital
  • Frank Bulens, Partner, Imec.xpand
  • Anke Cassing, Principal, High-Tech Gründerfonds
  • Eric Garnier, Member of the Board of Directors and Head of National Business Angels Networks, Angels Santé
  • Ulf Hengstmann, Digital Lead Medical Affairs & Pharmacovigilance, Bayer
  • Mike Karim, CEO, Oxford Endovascular
  • Cécile Réal, CEO, Endodiag
  • Rogier Receveur, Senior Program Manager Innovation and New Business Generation, Medtronic Bakken Research Center, Medtronic
  • Simon Turner, Owner, Nomis Life Sciences
  • Beatriz Volckaert, Senior-Associate – Venture Investments, Philips Ventures