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Cancéropôle Est : fostering innovation in oncology

Cancéropôle Est : fostering innovation in oncology

October 11th, 2023
2.00 – 3.30 pm
Madrid 1 room


2.00 – 2.10 pm: Opening: Florence SCHAFFNER (Deputy Director Cancéropôle Est) and Guillaume VETTER-GENOUD (Director Quest for Health Startup Incubator)

2.10 – 2.40 pm: Florence SCHAFFNER (Deputy Director Cancéropôle Est)

The rise of precision medicine through FDA approvals 2021-Aug 2023

2.40 – 2.50 pm: Anam’Note: Charles-Antoine Robert

The future of Electronic Health record

UOur Electronic health record solution ACRIS (Advanced clinical research information system) solution is a new generation EHR integrating simplified ergonomics, adaptability to field needs thanks to an integrated widget platform, the use of the latest technologies from the artificial intelligence to reduce the time spent on recurring processes through automatic report generation and activity coding in order to enhance the care time and reduce the cost of miscoding.

2.50 – 3.00 pm: UNNOM HEALTHTECH: Nathan VINCON

Facilitating Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials with Rare Biomarkers

Ummon HealthTech, a pioneering software development company, is at the forefront of medical image analysis powered by artificial intelligence. Our flagship product, UmmonCrawler, offers groundbreaking predictive insights into molecular alterations derived from cancer histopathological tissues. Our mission is to streamline the identification of patients who could be eligible for clinical trials requiring rare biomarkers, ultimately advancing precision medicine.


3.10 – 3.20 pm: Brigthsens Diagnostics: John Volke

Disruptive technology for MiRNA detection for medical diagnostics.

The current limitations of molecular diagnostics, such as PCR, do not allow for rapid screening and personalized follow-up of cancers and viral diseases. Healthcare professionals and institutions are therefore looking for simple, rapid and cost-effective tests for screening and monitoring patients. BrightSens Diagnostics will provide the solution to these needs by offering highly sensitive Point of Care tests. Our patented technology, with unique properties, is the result of 10 years of research supported by 2 ERC contracts with over 2M Euros. Our ultra-bright and ultra-sensitive fluorescent NanoAntennas amplify a detection signal. They allow direct measurement of very low concentrations of RNA – disease biomarkers – without enzymes, by simple fluorescence measurement. Our Point of Care tests will revolutionise molecular diagnostics.


3.20 – 3.30 pm: Superbranche: Delphine FELDER

Magnetic follow-up of cell therapies

Superbranche is a company specializing in the production and development of innovative magnetic technologies for monitoring cellular therapies and cancer treatment using a theranostic approach. Stemming from a joint CNRS/University of Strasbourg research institute, coordinator of the Nanomaterials in Interaction with their Environment (NIE) Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx), Superbranche is a young, innovative Alsatian company in the field of Nanomedicine, whose technology has been included in the nation’s Protocol de Protection du Potentiel Scientifique et Technologique (PPST). Superbranche is a member of the competitiveness cluster Biovalley France, of France Biotech and Nanomesure France associations, on whose board it sits. Superbranche is also a member of Quest for Health, the health incubator of the Grand Est region.



3.20 – 3.30 pm: Oncodesign Precision Medecine: Maria

Technology Trio: OncoSnipe, Nanocyclix, and Promethe – Powering Precision

OPM’s mission is to bring innovative
therapeutic and diagnostic solutions to treat therapeutic resistance and
metastasis evolution. The patient is at the centre of our reflexion, of our
unique innovative model, and our investments.

3.30 pm: Closing remarks – Florence SCHAFFNER (Deputy Director Cancéropôle Est) and Guillaume VETTER-GENOUD (Director Quest for Health Startup Incubator)


Cancéropôle Est brings together over 1,000 scientists and clinicians who join efforts to bring the latest innovations in terms of prevention, screening, diagnostic and therapeutic options in oncology to the 8.4 million inhabitants of the area that Cancéropôle covers (the Grand Est and Burgundy Franche-Comté regions). 

Organising, coordinating, and strengthening cancer research by partnering with academic and clinical institutions and bringing together researchers, healthcare professionals, economic partners, and patients is a top priority for the Cancéropôle Est. 

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