ADN – AXDANE Pays | Booth n°F11

    ADN is a digital consulting company, bringing together method, business, technique, and regulations. As part of your software validation projects, you benefit from both our Agile mindset and our regulatory skills. In a context of skills shortages, we are constantly recruiting and training our consultants in the areas of quality, software, serialization and PLM. We have strong Atlassian experience (Jira/Confluence/Plugins).

    AIShield Pays | Booth n°C11

    AIShield is a corporate start-up of Bosch with a vision to secure AI systems of the world. AIShield has developed production optimized novel technology to ensure secure and trustworthy AI adoption. With its consulting led technology services and product API, AIShield improves the robustness of AI models against adversarial attacks, including extraction, evasion, and poisoning. Prevention against these adversarial attacks ensures safe and secure adoption of AI against losses associated with revenue, intellectual property, and brand reputation. AIShield ensures compliance to proposed AI regulations and cybersecurity guidelines such as EU AI Act and US FDA AI based SaMD for Healthcare and MedTech organizations thereby increasing the speed to market for AI driven products & services. The proven and already deployed solution across industry AI use cases, has been developed with 3 years of unmatched deep technology research at Bosch and holds 20+ patents in AI Security.

    APICEM Pays | Booth n°F5-E6/3

    First Secure health messaging Service in France, APICRYPT enables communications between health professionals by using strong encryption technologies to protect the confidentiality of personal health care data.

    BeFC – Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 9

    BeFC create electricity with papers and enzymes for portable electronics. Along with this disruptive sustainable thin energy source, BeFC provide eco-friendly ultra-low power electronic platforms. These platforms are thin, flexible and can combine a range of sensors, microcontrollers, user interactions and wireless modules including NFC, BLE, LoRaWAN or Sigfox to build bespoke solutions for our clients in markets including medical, healthcare, logistics & waste management.

    BioT Medical Pays | Booth n°B8

    BioT is a no-code connected-care platform that allows any medical device company to connect their device to a regulated, compliant cloud in a matter of hours, using BioT’s ‘plug and play’ format, cutting months from product development timelines. BioT enables devices to be securely connected to a medical-grade cloud, boosting personalized engagement and offering actionable insights to improve collaboration, clinical decision-making and care experiences.

    Braindex Pays | Booth n°F5-E6/A

    BRAINDEX develops an integrated (EEG/NIRS) and intelligent (AI) cerebral monitoring platform, which allows the anesthesiologist to assess objectively the effects of anesthetic products on patients, with the aim of delivering the right dose of medication to each patient. The BRAINDEX solution allows, by the individualization of the anesthetic management, an improved prevention of the post-operative neurological complications to which the the elderly are particularly at risk.

    CELEOS Pays | Booth n°F5-E6/B

    Celeos will develop, certify and commercialise the SpiderMass technology to give surgeons an innovative medical device allowing them to obtain real-time and more precise information during tumour removal. It will help improve cancer care and lower the number of additional and unnecessary surgeries. We aim at becoming a reference tool in the hands of surgeons worldwide in the next years, bringing light for life.

    CIDETEC Nanomedicine Pays | Booth n°C10

    Cidetec Nanomedicine is an applied research centre specialised in the development of innovative technologies and materials on the field of biomedicine: - Drug delivery platforms for pulmonary and skin administration - Active ingredient encapsulation systems for skin applications - Biomaterials for medical devices specially for traumatology and ophthalmology We count with 600 m2 of laboratories equipped for biomaterials synthesis and characterisation including controlled environment rooms

    Cisteo MEDICAL Pays | Booth n°C8

    Cisteo MEDICAL is specialized in the developing and manufacturing medical devices under contract. We assist our customers in all stages of their projects. From the first ideas to the production under controlled atmosphere, including design verification and regulatory procedures. We turn ideas into reality in various fields such as minimally invasive surgery (implants and instrumentation).

    Clubster NSL Pays | Booth n°F5 - E6

    Clubster NHL – Nutrition, Health, Longevity – is a French competitiveness cluster federating 350 members in the Nutrition, biotechnology and health sectors. We foster collaboration between academia, private companies (start-up, SMEs and large companies), clinicians and final users. Our aim is to help our members to design, develop and finance their innovative products and processes. The activity encompasses the ONE HEALTH concept, close relation between human, animal and plant health.

    Conicio Design & Ingénierie Pays | Booth n°C6

    Design and engineering agency based in Annecy, Haute-Savoie, Conicio offers you genuine solutions to give life to your ideas, materialise them, and support them through to their manufacturing.

    Corpus VR Pays | Booth n°C1 - B2 / 6

    Corpus VR, is an award-winning and world-leading therapy platform using Virtual Reality, (bio)sensors and gamification. The application areas are in Physical, Behavioural and Neurotherapy so it can be used for physical rehabilitation, pain relief, stress or treating physical anxiety disorders. Let’s play to heal.

    CREATIVE EURECOM Pays | Booth n°F3

    Creative Eurecom brings your idea to production. We act as a contract manufacturer, from R&D to production, to define, design, develop and manufacture innovative medical devices and their disposables. We offer various levels of services (Electronics & Software, Mechanics, System Engineering), tailored to the needs of our clients, throughout the whole product life cycle from its conception to its manufacturing. ISO 13485:2016 certification. Visit us at :

    DE DESIGN Pays | Booth n°C1 - B2 / 7

    D'Andrea & Evers Design is an industrial design company with 30 years of experience and specialized in medical products. We develop medical devices for diagnosis, care, and self-care in the field of life science and health. Examples are a home self-testing device with lab on a chip technology, an operating system for eye surgery, a hand scanner for diagnostics of rheumatoid arthritis, a surgical boom system, a replaceable operation room and cath labs.

    DEMCON Pays | Booth n°C1 - B2 / 1

    DEMCON develops innovative diagnostic and therapy systems that are well-suited to the healthcare chain. We also develop smart products for efficient healthcare, close to the patient/client. We master a wide range of disciplines, ranging from mechatronics, systems engineering and artificial intelligence to medical product certification and production. This way we contribute to a better quality of life and help keep healthcare affordable.

    Doc2u Pays | Booth n°A9

    One by Doc2u is a all-in-one connected medical device dedicated to teleconsultation in general medicine. The product embeds all a general practitioner needs for a reliable remote consultation: vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and temperature, as well as otoscope and stethoscope for auscultation. We are able to integrate the device is any existing telemedecine platform seamlessly. Let's meet to talk about it.

    DREETS Pays | Booth n°B7-A8

    In charge of the health sector for the Ministry of Industry (Direction Générale des Entreprises), we support innovation and industrial development projects led by companies in the health sector, particularly in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Hauts-de-France.  The "France 2030" investment plan aims to strengthen our biomedical research capacity, invest in tomorrow's healthcare fields (biotherapy and biomanufacturing of innovative therapies, digital health, emerging infectious diseases and CBRN threats, medical devices), make France the leading country in Europe for clinical trials, accelerate and simplify market access, and support the growth and industrialization of companies in the sector.

    East Netherlands Development Agency Oost NL Pays | Booth n°C1 - B2

    The East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) supports you as an entrepreneur (interested) in our region. A growing number of companies and R&D organizations in the area of health and life sciences, from global pharma companies’ branch offices to research-driven startups are present in the East Netherlands. Whether you’re considering locating to the East of the Netherlands or have existing operations here, Oost NL assists you at every stage with free and confidential services.

    Ensweet Pays | Booth n°F5-E6/2

    Ensweet is a care at home patient rehabilitation solution. Our aim is to enable all patients with long-term illnesses to live their life project in full physical and mental health In France 70% of cardiac patients do not have access to rehabilitation. The solution is composed of a mobile application (connected to a heart rate sensor) and a caregiver application allowing to define adapted physical activity and therapeutic education programmes.

    Eolane Pays | Booth n°D6

    French EMS (Electronic Manufacturer Services), éolane designs cutting-edge PCBA in small, medium and large series for 8 front-line markets: defense, industry, telecoms, rail, automotive, health, energy and aeronautics. éolane combines technological excellence, innovation strength and industrial capacity to offer tailor-made solutions.

    Eurasanté Pays | Booth n°F5 - E6

    Eurasanté is a development agency dedicated to tech transfer and business development in life sciences sector in Northern France region. Our experienced project managers help researchers, startups and companies with their development projects. To do so, Eurasante provides many services such as real estate, fundraising, recruitment and business development. It also promotes the Eurasante Bio-business Park, which already hosts 8 hospitals, 4 universities, 8 specialised schools and more than 170 companies. It benefits from an exceptional location at the heart of Europe.

    Eurofins Medical Device Testing France Pays | Booth n°E5

    Eurofins MDT France's network of independent laboratories offers you the most appropriate testing strategy for your needs, regardless of the type of medical devices (class I, II and III) you manufacture. Whether they are invasive or non-invasive, implantable or not, single-use or reusable, the teams of our chemical and microbiological analysis laboratories offer their skills and know-how to accompany you from research and development to market launch and quality control of your medical devices.

    Eurofins Optimed Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 7

    Based in Grenoble, Eurofins OPTIMED is a full-service CRO ( including Site Management Organisation & Biometrics), with over 30 years of experience in clinical trials. Experts in the field of early clinical phases such as FIH/SAD/MAD/FE, DDI, Cardio Safety and Proof of concept, we have our own Clinical Pharmacology Unit (60 beds). Eurofins OPTIMED follows all international requirements to carry out clinical studies – ICH recommendation, Good Clinical Practices - and is certified ISO 9001:2000.

    FINDMED Pays | Booth n°D5

    FINDMED is a consortium of 18 French leading research institutions involved in healthcare at large and that have got the “Carnot” label for their ability to conduct R&D partnerships with companies . FINDMED’s mission is to help French companies, in particular start-up and SMEs, to access the expertise and the technological platforms of its members. FINDMED is therefore companies’ R&D partner for their innovation projects, whether they be biotech and/or medtech.

    Flanders Investment & Trade Pays | Booth n°D1

    Flanders Investment & Trade is the key point of contact for international business in Flanders. We play a central role in the internationalization of the economy of Flanders, thus vigorously supporting the boundless ambitions of Flanders-based and international companies and organizations. In order to fulfil our mission, we support Flanders-based companies in their international activities and we attract foreign companies to Flanders. All companies, large or small, can call upon our expertise.

    Flux Robotics Pays | Booth n°C1 - B2 / 5

    We produce surgical systems. These systems are user-controlled robots that assist surgeons during surgeries. The tip of the robotic arm is a magnet that positions disposable surgical tools inside the body. These tools fit through small incisions and can be maneuvered using the electromagnet’s pull and push forces.

    GeodAIsics Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 4

    GeodAIsics is a DeepTech start-up developing Artificial Intelligence-based clinical decision support systems (CDSS) for diagnostic and therapeutic in healthcare. We build CDSS upon request by Pharmas and MedTech for precision medicine in all fields (neurology, hepatology, otology, oncology, biology, …) and we ensure the implementation in clinical units.

    Greenlight guru Pays | Booth n°E7

    Greenlight Guru is a modern quality management software platform built exclusively for the unique needs of the medical device industry. Our platform is currently being used by innovative medical device companies in over 600 cities and 50 countries on 6 continents to bring new products to market faster while simplifying regulatory compliance and reducing risk. Device makers across the globe are replacing their outdated paper-based and general purpose legacy quality systems with Greenlight Guru. Being the only modern, industry specific, cloud-based eQMS, Greenlight Guru is easier to implement, easier to use and simply fits medical device processes better allowing companies to innovate faster and be more efficient.

    Grenoble-Alpes Métropole Pays | Booth n°B7-A8

    Grenoble-Alpes Métropole is a local authority, representing 49 different municipalities (and roughly half a million inhabitants) and hosting world-renowned researchers, top universities, big, global companies and cutting edge SMEs. Grenoble-Alpes Métropole encourages this collaborative spirit and supports technology transfer and joint projects in order to contribute to the economic development of the area, in particular in healthcare sector.

    Grésivaudan community of municipalities Pays | Booth n°B7-A8

    In the heart of the Alps, the Grésivaudan community of municipalities is located in a unique environment and offers its inhabitants an exceptional living environment with numerous facilities and structures to facilitate their daily life. Home to pioneering industries, Le Grésivaudan is a land of innovation that continues to host cutting-edge industrial activities. As a real centre of economic excellence in the department of Isère, Le Grésivaudan actively supports entrepreneurship in the long term and assists its companies in preparing for the economy of tomorrow. Le Grésivaudan hosts leading medical companies and supports the Medicalps cluster.

    GROUPE ICARE Pays | Booth n°C7

    For more than 25 years, the Icare Group has offered services enabling its customers to be assured that the device or manufactured product placed on the market complies with regulatory and normative requirements. From concept to production control, the Icare Group guides each customer at each stage of the life of health products. Our teams guide you and share their expertise in all stages of the life cycle of health products thanks to the 5 Icare skills centers.

    Health Tech Enterprise Pays | Booth n°E8

    At Health Tech Enterprise we believe in improving healthcare through technology and innovation. We provide a full range of services to support the development and commercialisation of new healthcare solutions. We offer strategic market access and clinical insights, as well as health economics, regulatory and reimbursement advice. Clients include med-tech companies, clinicians, universities and government programmes. We help international clients to successfully enter the UK healthcare market.

    i2S – be visionary Pays | Booth n°A4

    "For more than 40 years, i2S has been designing and manufacturing specialized cameras and 2D/3D integrated vision OEM systems in fields as varied as health and well-being, heritage digitization, industry and underwater imaging. The medical activity, MedCare, has developed for 15 years specific know-how in the tailor-made design and manufacture of products for the automated analysis of specific samples - macroscopic and/or microscopic."

    ICOSA Pays | Booth n°B10

    ICOSA is an IP law firm. Besides the regular services of an IP law firm, the specificity of ICOSA is to design IP strategy to serve business purposes. Promoting IP activities in line with the Corporate Strategy, capturing IP value, leveraging company valuation through IP, is what we do on a daily basis. Our expertise in IP and our high scientific level are tools to promote value, partnership, development and success.

    IHU STRASBOURG Pays | Booth n°D7

    The IHU is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary center for the treatment of pathologies using image-guided surgery. It offers its services to support companies, laboratories and start-ups companies wishing to carry out preclinical evaluation of their medical devices (safety, usability, performance). The IHU works with KOLs and has an outstanding experimental platform with cutting-edge equipment (CT-scan, MRI, C-arms, endoscopy systems...). The IHU is GLP compliant (ANSM, FDA).

    Invest in Grenoble Alpes Pays | Booth n°B7-A8

    Invest in Grenoble Alpes is the inward investment team for Greater Grenoble. We promote the Greater Grenoble area’s assets internationally and support French and foreign companies to successfully develop their business. Grenoble Alpes has top expertise in healthcare (medical technologies, biotechnologies), digital technologies (IT, micro and nanoelectronics), energy (hydrogen, smart grids), cleantechs, sport & outdoor, and mechanical industry.

    KOELIS Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 14

    KOELIS has assisted physicians from around the world in their routine clinical practice since 2006, providing the latest technology for personalized prostate cancer management. Based in Grenoble with a subsidiary in USA, Germnay & Singapore, KOELIS has been featured in more than 80 clinical publications and has benefited to more than 350,000 patients on all continents. Focused on developing targeted and less invasive solutions, KOELIS innovates every day in collaboration with world-renown universities and hospitals to offer physicians the newest advances in imaging for delivering efficient and patient-tailored solutions.

    Lambda-X Pays | Booth n°E9

    Optical excellence, designed and built for you, designed and built for the field. Innovation is our core engine. We are your trusted partner for product life cycle management. Ensuring our customers' excellence is our mission. We achieve this with our in-depth optical expertise and by co-creating with our customers, turning concepts into reality. We supply optical engineering and OEM manufacturing services for Life Sciences and MedTech product development, IVD systems and Point-of-Need devices

    Linksium Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 3

    Linksium is the tech transfer acceleration company (SATT) of Grenoble Alpes research laboratories towards the business world and favours the creation of start-ups. It is a private company with public capital from the French government, but also from the AURA Region and Europe, and whose shareholders are BPIFrance, CEA, CNRS, UGA, Grenoble-INP, INRIA and USMB. Since 2015, with an endowment of €49M invested, Linksium has supported 211 deeptech projects and enabled the creation of +70 startups.

    MADELECS Pays | Booth n°C5

    MADELECS is a French company created in 2018 in Grenoble. Specialized in R&D, consulting and marketing activities of materials and devices for electrochemical sensing. MADELECS is a full partner of Zimmer and Peacock Ltd. Zimmer and Peacock (ZP) is a successful contract developer and manufacturer of electrochemical sensors and biosensors. We have both standard products and a range of services centered around sensors and biosensors.

    Matrix Requirements Pays | Booth n°F9

    Matrix Requirements is helping medical device companies to easily and efficiently manage their design and quality system. Our products, MatrixALM and MatrixQMS, make your life easier by managing your medical device requirements, specifications, risks and tests ensuring full traceability and making sure you comply with all the regulations for your quality system. Matrix Requirements GmbH is also ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 certified. Visit our website at for more information.

    MedFact Engineering GmbH Pays | Booth n°A13

    MedFact Engineering GmbH is an ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered, MDR ready medical device company with experience and resources in all phases from medical device product development, pilot processing and validation, pre-clinical and clinical trials to post market surveillance and all required regulatory competence. MedFact’s scope covers areas of invasive interventional technologies in several medical disciplines. MedFact serves global players and startup companies financed by various VCs.

    MEDICALPS Pays | Booth n°B7-A8

    Founded in 2000, MEDICALPS is a NPO and a cluster of companies in the field of healthcare technologies. It is located in Grenoble, in the heart of the French Alps, known as one of the most inventive cities in the world and a top-notch place to innovate in the high-tech industry. MEDICALPS gathers over 120 members including leading edge startups, SMEs, global players, world-class research centres and universities.

    Medidee Services Pays | Booth n°A6

    Medidee is a global regulatory service provider active in the fields of Medical Devices & IVDs. Our services cover all steps of product development, from the initial project idea to certification & regulatory clearance, in order to reach the ambitious milestones required for the successful commercialization of your products. With sites in Europe, USA, India & APAC, our multidisciplinary experts support projects from companies of different dimensions, from startups to multinational organisations.

    MediTech Access Pays | Booth n°E11

    In just a few years, our company became a major stakeholder in the market access landscape for medical devices and health technologies in French-speaking countries and more generally Europe. Our experienced team provide a wide range of market access services that aims to support you in gaining early-funding or reimbursement for your health technology, whether its a medical device, a diagnosis test, a digital solution or a drug.

    MedUniq Center Pays | Booth n°D7

    MedUniq is a Center of competencies and a prototyping unit dedicated to Medical Devices (MD). Through its strong expertise in development & certification of MD, MedUniq Center supports Medtech innovators, academics, startups and SMEs throughout the whole development cycle of their innovative MD from the idea up to market access. Founded within a dynamic health ecosystem, it relies on a combination of in-house skills associated within an evolving and structured network of qualified partners.

    MINITUBES Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 11

    Custom high precision metal tubing and fabricated tubular components for medical applications. Over 100 alloys, Ø from 0.10 to 30 mm. Thick and thin walls, minute tolerances and smooth finishes. Products used in stents, endoscopic devices, diagnostic probes, surgical instruments, catheters, electrodes… New process developed for improved affordable medical applications like hypotubes, capillary tubing, with grades such as Co-Cr, Phynox, Elgiloy, MP35N, 35NLT, L605, Inconel 600, 625, 718…

    Neovision Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 5

    Neovision is a company specialized in artificial intelligence. It provides its customers with tailor-made and turnkey AI solutions through personalized support. Based in Grenoble, the company is specialized in machine learning, deep learning and image analysis applications. With hundreds of projects to its credit, Neovision is involved in various domains such as industry, digital, health, smart city, environment and energy.

    nexialist Pays | Booth n°B5

    nexialist is a health product compliance expertise company. Throughout the life cycle of the product, from the idea to obsolescence through the phases of design, industrialization and validation, we offer support and training services to Manufacturers, Distributors of Medical Devices and IVD.
    Our expertise and the associated optimization capacity are built on our Regulatory Intelligence activity.

    Objenious by Bouygues Telecom Pays | Booth n°D8

    Objenious is the dedicated IoT business unit of Bouygues Telecom. The company provides all medical professionals with secured IoT solutions for their digital health projects, from telemedicine to at home caring technologies. With a diverse panel of connectivity and roaming agreements, Objenious can address all e-health specs. The cellular technologies: 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT, and the R-Card, include many advantages for e-health projects. Meet an IoT expert on stand D8.

    PLUX Wireless Biosignals S.A. Pays | Booth n°B3

    PLUX creates biosignal solutions that drive innovation in education, research, and healthcare. Since 2007, our goal is to facilitate access to solutions that cover the entire biosignals life cycle & drive biosignals innovation, from learning the first steps with BITalino, research with biosignalsplux & developing your next medical device. We provide the biosignals engineering tools & services to build your biosignal prototypes, products & medical devices under ISO13485 certification.

    Probayes Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 10

    Since 2003, Probayes has been developing customized Artificial Intelligence solutions in collaboration with the customer business teams. A team of Data Scientists is dedicated to each expertise, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Vision, Natural Language Processing, Operational Research. Probayes supports its customers from the identification of use cases to the industrialization of solutions and the training of business teams.

    PROXIIMED Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 6

    PROXIIMED's ambition is to become the European reference in the acceleration of Medtech innovations in medical imaging. The center based in Moirans (Grenoble area) will open in September 2023 proposing top technical and industrial resources along with support from high level experts at different stages (Prototyping – Industrialization - Market access - Financing - Preclinical and clinical trials).This project is supported by CSF Santé and public and private actors of the sector, including Thales

    PYTHEAS Technology Pays | Booth n°E12

    PYTHEAS Technology is a French company based in La Ciotat, specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative piezoelectric devices. PYTHEAS Technology uses its expertise in piezoelectricity to work on various applications including: biomedical ultrasounds, vibration damping, underwater acoustics, smart sensors, electrohydraulic, energy harvesting…

    QoCreators Pays | Booth n°C1 - B2 / 2

    We are a Dutch company specialized in providing a complete industrial solution for innovative projects. We help companies to realize their innovations and to empower their brands. 50% of our clients are based in France; member of ADI- NA, we are also working with many incubators, clusters and design agencies all over the country; in addition to manufacturing, we do co-conception, co-development and advise engineering. We also protect your IP, and have our own assemble facility in Shanghai.

    Qserve Clinical Services B.V. Pays | Booth n°D4

    Our mission is to support all medical device and in vitro diagnostics manufacturers with a practical approach, translating existing regulations to understandable requirements. Qserve Conseil SA was created to meet the expectations of French-speaking manufacturers and to provide them with a French-speaking team that will grow with all the skills " grown " in the Qserve group at the international level.

    QUANTIQ.IO Pays | Booth n°A15

    Quantiq allows to measure heart and respiratory rates, then SpO2 and blood pressure, and more, all this with a simple 20'' video selfie. Our solutions are intended for medical and social centers, remote patient monitoring solutions, teleconsultation platforms, Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies... Our goal is to create the next generation of teleconsultations, follow the patients with chronic diseases, and fight under-medicated areas.

    Quinten MD Pays | Booth n°D4

    Quinten MD is a CRO specializing in medical devices post-market surveillance. Quinten MD helps its customers to exploit the full potential of clinical data, particularly Real-World Data (RWD), to accelerate the regulatory compliance process of their products. To this end, Quinten MD has developed innovative technologies and methodologies dedicated to data exploitation and valorization, which it markets as services.

    Raumedic S.A.R.L. Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 12

    Together with its customers, the medical technology company is breaking new ground to improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In doing so, Raumedic focuses on polymer-based solutions for medical and pharmaceutical applications, as well as on products for intensive care. Raumedic has a global presence and a headcount of approximately 1,000. In its core markets of Europe and North America, the company manufactures using its own clean room production facilities.

    Réseau SATT Pays | Booth n°D9

    The SATT Network brings together 13 Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies in France. Committed to economic dynamism thanks to the scientific innovations resulting from public research, SATTs provide companies with high-potential technological solutions to improve their competitiveness. With more than 650 startups created, the SATTs are the leading local players in the French government's DeepTech Plan, operated by Bpifrance. They are connected on a daily basis to more than 150,000 researchers and offer privileged access to innovations from public laboratories. With their national network, they are the strategic partners of companies seeking growth through innovation.

    Roche Diagnostics France Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 2

    One of french leaders in in vitro diagnostics, Roche Diagnostics France markets and distributes a complete range of innovative products and services in Medical Biology (chemistry, immunology, molecular biology, point of care testing, coagulation), Tissue Diagnostics, Diabetes Care, as well as Sequencing Solutions. Since the 1st of January 2013, Roche Diagnostics France ensures the management of the Maghreb, French speaking African Sub-Saharan countries and Luxembourg.

    Segula Technologies Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 13

    SEGULA Technologies is a leading engineering specialist placing innovation at the heart of its strategy. We conduct large-scale projects, ranging from studies to industrialisation and production. For more than 10 years, SEGULA Technologies has been providing its expertise by assisting the major Life Sciences players with their industrial projects: Supporting industrial performance and regulatory compliance.

    SELENIUM MEDICAL Pays | Booth n°C2

    SELENIUM MEDICAL is an innovative contract manufacturing company, 100% dedicated to medical devices and pharmaceutical applications. Its know-how is offered to all manufacturers and subcontractors in the healthcare sector and covers today 4 areas of expertise: -The surface treatment. -The plastic injection and thermoforming in ISO7 environment. -The clean room assembling / kitting / sterile packaging. -The R&D, consulting and validation management services for its customers.

    SOLADIS Pays | Booth n°D12

    Soladis is a company specialized in the fields of clinical research (medical writing, regulatory, biometry, monitoring, etc.) since 1992 and multi-sources data analytics since 2000 (Bioinformatics, Biostatiscs, Industrial Stat, Data Sci., etc.) Soladis joined the EFOR Group in 2021, a company specialized in Pharma/Biotech and Medical Devices, providing consulting services in R&D, Regulatory Affaires, Quality, Manufacturing,.. to become the DATA and CLINICAL INVESTIGATION branch of the group.

    Sonocalia Pays | Booth n°C1 - B2 / 4

    Sonocalia is pre-spinout from the University of Twente focused in the treatment and monitoring of slow healing wounds.

    Stimuli Technology / Tensi+ Pays | Booth n°C9

    Stimuli Technology has developped Tensi+, a medical device treatment for overactive bladder clinical syndrome. The technique used is based on transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Studies have shown that 15%* of the population suffers from overactive bladder, a pathology which is currently underdiagnosed.Overactive bladder affects both men and women of any age.It manifests by a frequent, sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate, these symptoms can occur at any time day or night.

    Stryker Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 1

    Tornier, a global market leader in shoulder orthopedic prostheses, acquired in 2020 by the Stryker Group, designs, manufactures, and markets orthopedic solutions for the extremities (shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, ankle, foot). Tornier Stryker, has about 350 employees and 2000 m² of production space in Montbonnot. At the end of 2021, expansion work was started to triple its production area (7,000 m² in 2023).

    SUMMIT Pays | Booth n°B6

    SUMMIT is a service unit of Sorbonne University which is articulated around several competences resulting from the laboratories of Sorbonne University, in fields of applications likely to interest a great number of industrialists. To achieve its objectives, SUMMIT relies on its team of engineers specialized in healthtech and mathematics.

    Technical Medical Centre Pays | Booth n°C1 - B2 / 3

    The Technical Medical Centre (TechMed Centre) is a leading Innovation Hub impacting healthcare by excellent Research, Innovation and Educational programmes. It is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, ranging from research labs, preclinical testbeds and simulated hospital environments. Our mission is to improve healthcare by personalized technology. The TechMed Centre boosts innovation by; connecting stakeholders, access to facilities, funds/voucher programs and by Tech Transfer.

    THIEME Pays | Booth n°C6

    THIEME - 50 years expertise in the design and manufacturing of custom rim parts in polyurethane. RIM process. Molding of housings, panels, enclosures and functional parts. Surface finishing and assembly of ready to use systems. Current markets: Medical devices, analysis and laboratory equipment, etc.

    Université Grenoble Alpes / Institut Carnot LSI / Floralis Pays | Booth n°B7-A8 / 8

    Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) is recognized for its scientific and technological excellence as well as its potential for innovation. The LSI Carnot Institute gathers ten worldclass UGA research laboratories within the Health and Digital sectors. As the KTO of UGA and LSI, Floralis assists you in the development of your innovation projects and in setting up partnerships with our scientific teams. / /

    UseConcept Pays | Booth n°F5-E6/1

    UseConcept is the only French company specialised in the consideration of human factors in health. We offer an ideal support to improve the usability of your Medical Devices and to help you design great user experience (UX and UI design) : usability tests, formative & summative evaluations, user interface prototyping, graphic design, expert reviews... Our expertise allows us to meet the requirements of the EN 62366 standard related Usability Engineering for CE marking and for FDA approval.

    ValoTec Pays | Booth n°E10

    Strategic and technical services for the development and production of active innovative devices from the idea to the commercial launch. ValoTec also provides on demand consulting and expertise services for existing devices. Since 2012, ValoTec is certified ISO 9001 (technical devices) and ISO 13485 (medical devices) for consultancy, development, manufacturing/distribution. In 2020, ValoTec reinforced its capabilities in innovation management & regulatory strategy for medical devices.

    Vernay Pays | Booth n°C1 - B2 / 8

    Backed by more than 75 years of fluid control development, Vernay is a trusted innovation partner for established and emerging medical OEMs around the world. Our elastomeric components and assemblies for flow control are driven by R&D, material science, rigorous quality standards and industry expertise; all working together to uniquely address the complex and demanding needs of the medical market. Visit our account managers in the MedTech East Netherlands Pavilion (Booth E1-D2/2) to learn more.

    WAINVAM-E Pays | Booth n°A11

    WAINVAM-E is a young company developing quantum sensors  based on  the special optic and quantic properties of diamonds with Nitrogen Vacancy centers. Our instruments are highly sensitive, accurate and stable. They represent a new generation of diagnostic and control tools, with a wide range of applications in many fields, from non-destructive testing for the energy, aeronautics fields, to the detection and diagnostic testing for the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

    World Trade Center Twente Pays | Booth n°C1 - B2

    World Trade Center Twente supports the development of international trade and business opportunities in the Twente region. We offer a range of services for your business, such as trade information, partner search and trade mission. Our Expat Center assists individuals, as well as companies with highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers such as housing facilities. As foreign company you can establish your company in World Trade Center Twente using the unique soft landing program.

    Zug Medical Systems Pays | Booth n°E3

    The company is in the conception, manufacturing and the marketing of medical devices that use oximetry and capnography parameters. Zug medical is also specialized in the design of patient monitoring equipment, our OEM/ODM offer which allows us to customize our products according to customer needs or to develop products entirely defined by specifications. Our products allow measurements of SpO2, ECG, NIBP (NIBP), TEMP, EtCO2, Respiration Rate.