Bosch AIShield supports MedFIT this year again

MedFIT event is very pleased to count Bosch AIShield among its 2023 sponsors

AIShield is a Gartner-recognized AI security startup from Bosch. AIShield’s AI security technology is backed by 35+ patents and has been used by 40+ organizations in healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and banking. It offers comprehensive AI security products and solutions that safeguard against adversarial ML attacks and support compliance with AI security regulations, including the EU AI Act, FDA, IMDRF, and ENISA, accelerating market entry and growth of AI-enabled MedTech offerings.



Join key MedFIT 2023 Sponsors such as Matrix Requirements, AIShield, Doliam, Veranex, Irdeto, Blackberry, CAPTECH Santé Nutrition, Greenlight Guru, Medevise and MedTech Twente to have the opportunity to:

  • Identify your organisation with the main partnering event in Europe dedicated to innovation partnerships in the fields of medical technologies and diagnostics.
  • Highlight your interest in innovation
  • Present your ideas and technologies to key innovation players in MedTech
  • Enhance your visibility on an european scale and be recognised as a key innovative actor
  • Show your expertise thanks to specific communication tools



Yingjie Weng