MedFIT’s business convention is the most efficient way to identify and connect with potential business, research partners and investors involved in the medtech sector.

The business convention enables MedFIT’s participants to meet each other during 30-minute pre-qualified one-to-one meetings organised before the event.

One month before the event

Log in to the online platform and:

  • Fill in your profile to promote your products and services and to inform other participants of the type of collaborations you are interested in
  • Freely manage your agenda: Meetings will be scheduled according to your availability
  • Access other participants’ profiles and start selecting the most relevant people to send them meeting requests and meet during the event
  • Reply to incoming meeting requests: You are free to accept or decline meeting requests, in order to meet the most relevant contacts
  • Allow the system to schedule a time and place for all your accepted requests
  • View your colleagues’ schedules and invite them to your meetings at any time
  • Receive notifications of modifications to your agenda and new meeting requests by email throughout the event

At your arrival onsite

Print out your meeting schedule which includes meeting times and locations. A bell will ring every 30 minutes to signal your next meeting.