A new feature for MedFIT 2018: a fourth track focused on Navigate Digitalisation

At present digitalization and AI are more and more present in our lives and the healthcare sector is no exception. The question is no longer if but when they will be fully integrated in care delivery and will it be perceived more as an evolution of the sector or as a complete revolution? This 4th track will highlight the impact AI and digital integration have on medtech companies, their existing as well as future products and will discuss what impact these changes will have on innovation.

Integration of AI in medtech: What is the impact on innovation process?

26th June 2018 – 4:30 pm

There is no doubt that in the near future, the AI will impact the whole healthcare system and care delivery. Indeed, the convergence of AI in medtech and diagnostics innovations enables companies to personalize care for individuals from initial diagnosis to ongoing treatment options.

This empowering of patients will allow companies to improve devices over time and refine their algorithms, as they amass more data. Also, new cross sector collaborations combining resources and expertise will enable the creation of innovative solutions to improve patient care on a global scale.

How will these next level changes impact medtech innovations? How will they be integrated in existing technologies and will they be seen as a revolution or a mere expected evolution of the sector?

The route to a successful medtech digitalisation: How to adapt business models?

27th June 2018 – 4:00 pm

As the industry advances towards a value-based healthcare model, the digital will reshape the medtech landscape as never before. Driven by new opportunities, emerging threats and disruptive forces, medtech companies need to strategize to make their business models relevant and competitive.

As digital is no longer a goal but a continuous journey, what are the keys to get digital transformation right from a business perspective in medtech and how to succeed? Which strategy to adopt? Adapt existing business models or invent new ones or both? How will new digital solutions be approved, priced and marketed?

This fourth track will be introduced by a plenary session:

What will be driving growth in medtech’s future?

26th June 2018 – 10:30 am

New regulations, value-based healthcare, digitalization and AI integration…. So many changes within the medtech sector to which companies, from start-ups to big players need to adapt in order to keep their market share or increase it. In such a rapid changing environment, it is difficult to predict the impact of all these transformations on innovation and its future development.

One question still stands, what will be driving growth in the sector in the next decade and how should its players turn these challenges into opportunities of growth?