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MDTex Workshop
Biological filtration in Covid-19 era

December 9th, 2020
9.00 am – 5.30 pm

The European Interreg MDTex project, which aims to structure a cross boarder network of textile medical devices, offers you a workshop on the following topic: « Biological filtration in Covid-19 era ». This workshop is the opportunity for MDTex partners to share their experience on their missions during the health crisis, specially on the issue of face masks. Various speakers both researchers, health professionals and industrials, will present promising research topics about the virus and some innovative filtration methods. These speakers will also comment on the role they play in this context and the adaptability they have to demonstrate. These sessions will be completed with brainstorming times in order to look together into certain issues raised and bring out potential collaborative projects. You are interested on this topic ? You would like to share ideas, solutions, questions on the biological filtration to fight against pathogens including Covid-19 ? Then we invite you to meet us on Wednesday, December 9, 2020 from 9:00 to 11:00 am CET and then from 3:30 to 5:30 pm CET!



9.00-10.15 AM

– Presentation of Interreg MDTex project – Bérangère Delaby, Euramaterials (FR)
– What is Covid and it’s causual agent, the SARS-CoV-2 ? – Dr. Jean Dubuisson, Lille Pasteur Institute (FR)
– How to test virucidic activity ? – Prof. Didier Hober, Lille University Hospital (FR)
– Face Masks in Belgium – Dr. Olivier Jolois, Centexbel (BE)
– Face Masks in France – Bérangère Delaby, Euramaterials (FR)



10.15-11.00 AM

Round Table



15.30-16.45 PM

– Presentation of Interreg MDTex project – Bérangère Delaby, Euramaterials (FR)
– Filtration of Bioaerosols by Respiratory Protection Masks: Case of SARS-CoV-2 – Dr. Philippe Vroman, ENSAIT (FR)
– How Ultrasonic Welding serves Face mask manufacturing ? – Alexis De La Fontaine, Sinaptec (FR)

16.45-17.30 PM

Round Table

About MDTex

By pooling their networks and skills, the partners of the MDTex project aim to stimulate a decompartmentalisation of the health and textile sectors in order to associate cross-fertilisation and technologies necessary for product development. This network encourages the emergence of health textile projects and products, by offering their bearers the infrastructures to meet, complete consortiums, collaborate and create new opportunities.

These infrastructures essentially concern the setting of an open-innovation framework within which all the players detect the appropriate expertise and calls for projects. Since 1 April 2017, the MDTex network has been acting as an innovation facilitator and accelerator of technology transfer to industry.

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