June 26th, 2019
10.00 am | Innov’Area

SmartHealth is a 2-year cross-border project developed by 4 experienced innovation agencies and clusters across UK and France: SEHTA, EPM, Amiens Cluster and Eurasanté. It is committed to the design and delivery of innovative support services to meet the needs of health and care organizations. Its aim is to organize a contest rewarding pairs of French and British SMEs by offering them an opportunity to meet and resolve care organizations’ digital problematics.


The contest was launched at the Kick Off Meeting held on February 5th, 2019 in Amiens (France) and has been closed for wave one on April 30th. It is now time to announce the laureates and to present the Support Program they will access to!


Where? Innovation Area

Who will speak?


Etienne Vervaecke – Managing Director, Eurasanté: Introduction of the SmartHealth Interreg Project.
Julie Follet – Project Manager, Amiens Cluster: Introduction of the hospitals involved into the contest and the SmartHealth Support Program for selected SME.
David Parry – CEO, SEHTA: Announcement of the laureates of the first wave and launching of the next wave of application.

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