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December 11th & 12th, 2024


Albert-Jan de Croes

Albert-Jan de Croes

Investment Specialist
The NetherlandsNovel-T

Albert-Jan de Croes is the Investment Specialist of Novel-T, the KTO of the University of Twente. Here, he advises spin-off and startup companies on their fundraising strategies. In addition to this role, Albert-Jan manages LP positions in various DeepTech VC funds for the university holding.

With a Master’s degree in Finance from the Rotterdam School of Management, Albert-Jan transitioned from corporate finance consultancy to the university spin-off landscape. Over the past years, he has focused on early-stage investments, particularly within the hardware MedTech domain. His expertise includes guiding spin-offs specializing in robotics and Organ-on-Chip technologies, steering them towards successful fundraising and development.