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December 11th & 12th, 2024


Fabian Scheugenpflug

Fabian Scheugenpflug

Venture Capital Senior Associate
GermanyPlug and Play Tech Center

Fabian Scheugenpflug is a trained medical physicist and leads the venture’s activities for Plug and Play Health EMEA. He has been the first team member of Plug and Play’s joint Venture with Roche Diagnostics – Startup Creasphere, a digital health innovation framework.

As part of his role, Fabian works with a multitude of Fortune 500 companies on specific projects ranging from enhanced POC capabilities to improving access to healthcare in the global south. Since the inception of Startup Creasphere Fabian has been leading more than 90 pilots. Additionally, he played a vital role in the expansion of Startup Creasphere to Asia and America. Besides his corporate engagement, Fabian has led investments into 12 early-stage digital health startups which truly transform the perception of future healthcare. Some of his prominent portfolio firms include TestCard, Hyfe and Dyad.