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December 11th & 12th, 2024


Piotr Sokolowski

Piotr Sokolowski

Chief MedTech Strategist
PolandS3 Connected Health

Serving as the Chief Medtech Strategist for S3 Connected Health, Piotr is responsible for the development of the strategy and offerings for Medtech companies to help them take full advantage of the opportunities that digital health presents. These comprehensive solutions range from the development of medical devices and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) applications to device connectivity and seamless integration with broader ecosystems of care, up to full end-to-end digital solution creation.

For over two decades, Piotr has worked in the medical technology space, managing engineering teams designing and delivering connected medical devices and digital health applications for leading Medtech and Pharma companies. He holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering and has further enriched his academic portfolio with post-graduate qualifications in Management, International Selling, and Coaching.

A fervent believer in the transformative potential of digital technology, Piotr views this as a catalyst for monumental shifts in healthcare delivery. In his perspective, these technologies not only improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency but also pave the way for the transition to value-based care models and more accessible, fair, and cheaper healthcare. One effective strategy to harness these benefits, while mitigating associated risks and challenges, lies in building connected digital care ecosystems that offer value creation opportunities for all stakeholders across the entire healthcare value stack.

Outside the confines of his professional life, Piotr serves as an executive coach specializing in the life sciences sector. He is committed to assisting clients in achieving their objectives, broadening their cognitive horizons, and enhancing their decision-making acumen. When not engaged in these pursuits, Piotr is an avid outdoorsman; whether scaling mountains across different continents or embarking on extensive cross-country hikes—one of which has been documented in a book.