Rajan Patel is a medical device executive who partners with healthcare brands to transform their design & development practices. After 30+ years of medical device development across drug delivery, diagnostic systems, surgical devices and digital medicine, Rajan knows what truly drives innovation of smart, connected and patient-centric devices. It’s about finding partners who are dedicated to creating breakthrough therapeutic solutions to unmet patient needs.


Rajan has held senior positions across such companies as Minimed, Heartport, Aerogen, M2 Medical and Cirtec Medical, leading programs to develop & commercialize medical products. Rajan’s commitment over the past 15+ years has been to organizations dedicated to transforming lives through revolutionary drug delivery and medical device technology. Rajan has led numerous research & development and manufacturing team to successful execution and launch of live impacting devices.


Rajan holds a B.S. in engineering from MS University of Baroda and M.S. in biomedical engineering from UC Davis.