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MedFIT is sponsored by companies from across the medtech sector, reflecting the breadth of the event’s content, participants and partners.

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ICOSA is a lively and alert IP law firm fully dedicated to health innovation. The MedTech sector is at the crossroads of different technologies and ICOSA combines them with the dual competence of Industrial Property.

At the forefront of the medical innovation of the future, ICOSA supports a wide range of players including start-ups, innovative companies, technology transfer offices and VCs. ICOSA helps the innovative actors materialize and grow the value of their innovations, frame their projects with IP law, build a consistent IP strategy and assess the value of their IP assets.


Medtronic is a global healthcare solutions company committed to improving the lives of people through medical technologies, services, and solutions.


The Microtechnology Competitiveness Cluster, approved in 2005, decided, with its industrial members and the public authorities (State, Region, EPCI, etc.), to highlight its market-oriented activities in the health sector. A brand and a “lnnov’Health” cluster were drawn up in 2015, reflecting the last 10 years of the Microtechniques Pole’s health activity, particularly through its expert groups led by business leaders from the medical and healthcare sectors. its “health commission” currently led by Statice and a consortium of companies.

The Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, represents an industrial ecosystem that relies on historical skills in the field of microtechnology, much of which is dedicated to health. For over 10 years, more than 300 companies in the region have been referenced in the sector, most of them internationally recognized and relying on renowned training and research centers (French Blood Establishment (EFS), ISIFC, Femto , LERMPS, Utinam, Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) …).

World Trade Center Twente

The smart manufacturing industry (High Tech Systems and Materials) is characteristic for the Twente region in East-Netherlands. The World Trade Center Twente is building a MedTech cluster together with the Techmed Center at the University and companies in the medical technology sector.

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