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Sheena Pirbhai

Sheena Pirbhai

Founder & CEO
United KingdomStress Point Health

Sheena Pirbhai is the CEO and Founder of Stress Point Health and is passionate about mental health. Stress Point Health is the culmination of her personal journey to recover from PTSD following a major traumatic event, giving her a uniquely personal insight into the barriers to receiving treatment for mental health issues.

Stress Point Health is digital platform building the next generation of mental health tech with a focus on long term brain health. The company is doing this by bringing digitised Neurofeedback to the market for the first time and is refocusing the way mental health conditions are treated. Stress Point Health is unique in it’s focus on the emotional regulation centre of the brain, often overlooked in the treatment of a variety of mental health conditions. Their first product is SPHERE – an app using digitised Neurofeedback to deal with stress, anxiety and PTSD.

Sheena comes from a background in finance – fundraising and structuring M&A deals in the TMT sector.

Sheena is on a mission is to help and support people from all walks of life, delivering true positive impact on their lives. She serves on the board of Emerald Health, a company rebuilding the healthcare infrastructure for the Island of Montserrat and was named as one of the Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech 2022.