MedFIT is next week!

MedFIT offers multiple ways to meet key players in the sector
and a diversity of inspiring content.


Discover below the further activities that MedFIT offers:
• Quinten MD hosted conference
• Green Talks
• Project-CEO matchmaking


Real-World Data for high-risk medical devices,
a must-have for your PMCF success
Tuesday, September 20th | 2.00 – 3.00 pm 
The medical device industry is undergoing a major transformation with the entry into force of the new European Medical Device Regulation. One of its aspects is the substantial increase of the requirements in terms of post-market surveillance, particularly for high risk medical devices.
In this context, this conference will present the main challenges to be faced in order to successfully gather relevant clinical evidence for Post Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF). Among the different options available to address these issues, Real-World Data become an inevitable source of evidence, when properly exploited.
SpeakerLucas Davy, CEO, Quinten MD



Within the framework of Grenoble Green Capital, MedFIT has obtained a green label to commit itself, alongside its host territory, in favour of the environmental issues inherent to the health and event sectors. Short talks to discover the regional initiatives for more sustainability in the MedTech sector will take place on the Innov’Area over the two days.

Tuesday, September 20th | 4.30 – 4.45 pm CET

Conicio: Sustainable Medical Devices: let’s change your mindset to find real impactful solutions!
SpeakerMathilde Juin, Director, Conicio

Wednesday, September 21st | 10.00 – 10.15 am CET
BeFC: If you want to walk that walk, talk that Green talk.
SpeakerProf. Jean-Francis Bloch, COO & Co-founder, BeFC

Wednesday, September 21st | 3.30 – 3.45 pm CET
ROCHE Diagnostics: Real Zero 2050
SpeakerJean-Marie Cabrières, Director of Communications and CSR, Roche Diagnostics


Project-CEO matchmaking

Are you a MedTech entrepreneur looking for a project?
Or do you have projects that need a CEO?

As talented CEOs are frequently sought-after by many players in the MedTech industry, the Project – CEO matchmaking activity aims to connect representatives of emerging start-ups, technology transfer offices, incubators and investing networks with CEOs and aspiring CEOs.
Find the perfect match:
• Any incubator, technology transfer entity or scientific founder looking for an entrepreneur to lead their start-up project is welcome at MedFIT and in particular at the matchmaking activity between projects and CEOs.
You will be visible on the partnering platform, to be contacted by potential CEOs.

• If you are a MedTech entrepreneur looking for a project to get involved in, projects looking for a CEO will be visible on the platform and easily identifiable.

Get inspired: 
Having the right team is essential for the development of a MedTech project or start-up. The Project – CEO matchmaking activity also offers a conference session to get inspired and explore the best ways to find the right talent for a successful project.


How to source the right talents for an early-stage company?
Tuesday, September 20th | 3.15 – 4.30 pm 

How to identify and retain talents with the necessary soft skills and technical expertise to drive growth and innovation? How to find the right co-founders? Which networks to activate?

Hear from start-up management savvy experts and receive feedback and best practices.

SpeakersEyal Lifschitz, Co-Founder & General Managing Partner, Peregrine Ventures
Bruce Lichorowic, President & CEO, Galen Robotics
Marie Laulhé, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manager, Eurasanté
Jennifer Goodall, CEO, MindAffect
Anne Mascarelli, Partner & Senior Consultant, Healthcare & Technology International





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