Steered by a prestigious Committee, the MedFIT conference programme brings together bright minds to debate on innovation-focused topics, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter. International experts will discuss current stakes of the sector related to innovative collaboration, financing, market access and regulation as well as MedTech digitalisation.

All MedFIT’s attendees will have access to a mix of live and on-demand content during the event. This content will be available for 30 days afterwards. They will also have the opportunity to debate with the speakers via interactive online chats.


How is the changing definition of value in healthcare affecting how MedTech companies operate?

The transition of healthcare systems to value-based care holds critical implications for medical innovation and MedTech companies are being forced to change core aspects of their business and the way products or services are evaluated, purchased, and developed.

Who defines value and in what way? To what extent does this transition affect the way R&D efforts are led and how can incentives be structured to foster innovation? How can the right financial and clinical stakeholders be identified early in development to generate evidence and demonstrate the value of innovative products and services? To what extent does this influence MedTech companies’ collaboration choices? Can it lead to more effective and sustainable business models?

Collaborate to innovate
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Fostering new collaborations is key to fuel innovation and support R&D needs in MedTech. As global healthcare evolves to deliver more value to patients, partnerships with researchers, hospital leaders, technology experts, payers and innovators are the cornerstone of the medical technologies’ evolution.

• Breaking silos: How to incentive interoperability in MedTech and connected health?

• How to tackle the growing need for digital health proficiency of medical technology professionals?

• How can start-ups benefit from engaging with corporate early?

Financing innovation
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Seed and Series A investments are crucial to transforming new ideas into products and moving start-up teams into small businesses. Finding the right funding sources and equity partners to get from early stage to regulatory approval is far from straightforward. How to identify the initial sources of funding for MedTech R&D projects? What method should you use to fund your project? How to attract venture for early-stage financing?

• How to address the right investors as boundaries are blurring between traditional Medtech, medical devices and digital health technologies?

• From seed stage to regulatory approval: How to get your milestones financed?

• Investors’ perspective on investing in MedTech post COVID-19

Innovation to market
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Planning a market access should start early in the product development process, increasing the chances of successfully bringing an innovation to market. How to keep track on market trends and regulatory requirements while building your strategy? How to build the right business model? This track aims to give a comprehensive approach of the pathway to market for emerging medical technologies.

• From big companies to founder: Hear the stories of executives turned MedTech entrepreneurs

• Diagnostic solutions vs. Consumer-grade devices: How is digitalisation blurring the lines?

• Case study: Which business model for digital innovations to manage chronic diseases?