Supported by a prestigious Steering Committee, the MedFIT conference programme features the latest opinions on trending topics related to collaborative innovation partnerships and focuses on market access, financing, the digitalisation of the sector and regulations.

PLENARY SESSION: How to increase the number of MedTech unicorns in Europe?

Europe is currently benefiting from a dynamic MedTech start-up ecosystems. However, not so many of these start-ups succeed in scaling-up. What are the possible strategies and paths to get bigger on MedTech market in Europe?  What do we lack in order to accompany the scaling-up of MedTech companies? How to grow the private equity and stock markets to enable more frequent success in that process? How to ensure that the development and consolidation of the sector are also fuelled by MedTech SMEs merger and acquisition deals?

 #Licensing #Partnership #R&D

  • Faster together: Which recent trends in academia-big players collaborations?
  • Big size vs mid-size companies: Different ways to deal with early-stage start-ups?
  • What are the key factors of success in the relationship between an academic institution and a resulting spin-off?

 #VCs #Startups #Investor

  • How are healthcare systems and health plans directly investing in innovative companies in Europe?
  • How will moving toward outcome-based payment models affect financing in MedTech?
  • Agnostic investors or pure players in the MedTech sector: Who is becoming prominent in the early-stage financing scene?

 #Regulation #BusinessModels #Strategy

  • Final stretch to MDR/IVDR implementation:  How are companies revising their strategy to comply with the key requirements and associated timelines?
  • MedTech SMEs and start-ups: What are the strategies & initiatives to collectively answer to public tenders?
  • Shifting to value-based care models: What are the challenges for the diagnostic tests and technologies?

 #Data #Transformation

  • Connected devices redesign healthcare: How are MedTech companies adapting to this new environment?
  • MedTech & digital industry: Which grounds for collaboration?
  • How do IT tools contribute to accelerate the process of completing clinical trials in the MedTech sector?